Video Servies

Video services for your business, brand, wedding, concert, play, or any other event you want to capture. Multi-angle shooting and seamless editing for a professional, quality product. Luke's footage has been seen on such platforms as Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and People Magazine Online. Samples

Audio/Recording Services

Mobile recording for bands, schools, churches, concerts, professional groups, and voice-overs. All projects personally edited, mixed, and mastered by producer Luke Denton. He has produced countless live events as well as numerous studio albums of varying styles. Samples

Creative Services

Original scores & songwriting for any project: commercial spot, full documentary/film, background music for TV and web, or just for your local dance studio.Past clients include 20th Century Fox, Bravo, Travel Channel, Pepsi, and National Geographic

Luke Denton Videographer 1_edited.jpg

Luke Denton

Producer | Composer

Accomplished composer, videographer, and record producer Luke Denton has worked with such clients as 20th Century Fox, Bravo Channel, Travel Channel, Pepsi, and National Geographic. He is currently based outside of Washington, DC in Virginia's wine country of Loudoun County where he also teaches music at a local elementary school.

Luke received a degree in Music Composition in 2005 and has had his hand in all aspects of the music business since, as a touring member of various bands, composer for media, and as a producer for many artists of various styles. After years of creating video for live concerts, he found a love for visual storytelling and more creative video pursuits that include events as well as corporate and branding messages.

He loves traveling, coffee, pizza, a good glass of wine, his wife Amy, and chasing around his two mischievous little boys, Jack and Connor. He also teaches music for the local public school system.

Luke is always eager to work on the next media project. Contact us today to discuss your project.